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soffico develops individual, future-proof and innovative software solutions. The middleware Orchestra makes soffico a leader within the fields of healthcare and manufacturing. Our solution enables efficient optimization of business, process and communication flows in companies. We connect people, machines and processes!

Orchestra offers the perfect solution in the use of:

IHE Platform, Internet of Things, Cloud Integration and Industry 4.0. As an integration platform for digitization, Orchestra is high-performance, agile in interface communication and very scalable.

We enable customers to efficiently and securely solve their compatibility issues through secure interoperability between different IT systems and industries. Furthermore, Orchestra has grown to a highly complex interface landscape and increasing requirements in the IT infrastructure.

You need a stable, future-proof and reliable data disk for the smooth and secure flow of information between all IT systems?

Then let us advise you!


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Orchestra, HealthConnector and other – made by soffico.

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