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Our solution Orchestra

innovative, flexible, high performance.

Orchestra: agile digital business platform

Orchestra combines the Power of People, Business & Things. Orchestra connects your internal and external IT systems and services to achieve just in time information, agile digital transformation and a strategic competitive advantage. Thereby our solution is versatile, simple and reliable. The use of a solutionlike Orchestra offers many possibilities and opportunities for the design of your IT landscape. The product must be so flexible that both simple interface requirements and complex scenarios of a service-oriented architecture can be mapped. As in real life, the quality and possible applications of a software are determined by the chosen blueprint or architecture.

Why Orchestra?

Through numerous application areas and an individual implementation, Orchestra is designed for use in various applications. Orchestra offers future-proof, transparent and adjustable processing models which adapt to the existing structure and interfaces of your company:

  • A design environment for all target platforms
  • Simple updates and software distribution
  • Remote access is possible
  • Interfaces with different versions can be operated at the same time
  • Simple customizing of the involved systems, independent of the interface
  • Deployment of interface code, decoupled from the operating environment

You can find more about the orchestra on our product website. You can also arrange an appointment for a free demo.


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